Raw material control

Red Bean: High quality red beans are harvested from our exclusive contracted farms in Heilongjiang Province, China. We enforce the “from farm to factory” management, and the red bean farms are strictly monitored and jointly managed by our specialists to ensure all the characteristics of red bean meet quality and safety requirements.

Purple Sweet Potato: The purple sweet potatoes are harvested under the monitor of our supply team on field. We are currently utilizing purple sweet potatoes of Jihei and Lingzi types.

Water in Production: We utilize high quality water from 300-meter underground during the production. The water is ensured to be safe for consuming through the cycle of disinfection, filtration, softening, and re-disinfection. 

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Equipment assurance Stainless steel are entirely applied for the equipment in the plant. We proudly operate with the state-of-art equipment from Japan, including automatic bean cooking equipment, bean grinding machine, and automatic packaging machine. These equipment constitute an intelligent and standardized production procedure to ensure consistent product qualities.


Process assurance - Based on years of experience in producing food fillings, we developed optimized production procedures for different products. In particular, purple sweet potato powder is made with novel procedures which are proved to be more effective at preserving its original flavor and scent during the powdering process. As a result, our purple sweet potato powder possesses strong yet natural roast purple sweet potato scent and excellent rehydration performance, making it one of our most competitive products. Our purple sweet potato powder can be perfectly applied as natural food dye in bakery, snacks, beverages, etc. 


Logistics assurance We cooperate with the professional transportation agents who can always deliver goods to designated place in good condition upon request.

After-sale serviceA professional after-sales team provides relevant documents and services in time for the clients all over the world.


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